Tree Removal Columbia

Columbia, SC, residents look to Southern Tree Service regarding their tree removal requisites. Whether your tree is damaged, dead, or heavily impacted by a storm, we have the equipment and skills to complete the task quickly. We’ve gained our customer’s trust through years of consistent mastery of the techniques and safety precautions involved in the complicated task of tree removal. No tree is too small or too massive for our dedicated team. 

We are happy to offer a free assessment of the tree to be removed to ensure the safety and accuracy of the job. If you have yet to decide whether your tree requires removal or just some trimming, don’t think twice to call our skilled representative. We will gladly assist you in removing the tree in your yard. 

Our tree removal service comes with a three-step procedure: 

  1. Call Southern Tree Service

When we get your call, we will designate one of our professionals to address your concern. A certified arborist will visit your home or business to assess the situation of your tree. Once the evaluation is done, you will be provided expert advice and a firm estimate of the service you want to avail of. 

​2. Set up a schedule for service

​When everything is settled and agreed upon, we can start setting up a convenient schedule for you. Let us know the time and day you prefer to remove your tree, and we will do our best to accommodate it. 

  1. Job completion 

Please expect a call from our company on the morning of the scheduled removal. This notification is to confirm our arrival. Rest assured that we will be there in two hours or less to accomplish the tree removal project. 

Affordable Tree Removal Service in Columbia, SC 

We want to put your mind at ease and set your expectations properly. On the day of the tree removal service, we will devise a plan to fall your tree precisely. There are no two identical trees, so we create a plan custom to your situation. 

Our team leader will assign tasks for every crew member to ensure everyone knows their place before the removal process kickstarts. We will cut the tree in an organized manner, beginning with the topmost portion going down. We utilize a specialized technique using ropes and pulleys to get the branches down to the ground. 

Our ground crew will cut the big branches into smaller sections and process the debris and chips into our chipper. When all branches and limbs have been cut, we will proceed with the trunk and haul it to the ground. We will continue dismembering the trunk until we only have a stump. You can leave the stump behind or have us remove it the next day. 

During removal, our ground staff members will clean up the debris and other tree-related waste on the job site. Our job is not done until your yard is clear of the product of the tree removal process. You can count on us from the beginning until the end of the tree removal job; we are 100% focused on high-quality results.

Residential Tree Removal

Our Residential Tree Removal Service in South Carolina ensures hassle-free solutions near you. We specialize in root removal and offer cost-effective options for efficient and affordable tree removal. Trust our skilled team to provide professional service, precisely addressing your residential tree care needs. Experience our cheap tree removal solutions tailored to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property.

Commercial Tree Removal

Our Commercial Tree Removal service is available locally to offer swift and affordable solutions. Our expert team specializes in cost-effective tree removal for commercial properties, addressing both routine and emergency needs. We handle tree limbs and provide affordable and professional solutions, prioritizing the safety and aesthetics of your commercial space. 

At Southern Tree Service. You can trust us, among local companies, for reliable and efficient tree removal services without worrying about the cost of cutting down a tree that meets your specific requirements. 

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