Emergency Tree Service Columbia

Damaged and overgrown trees are easily victimized by a storm. You can prevent this from taking place by treating them or removing them altogether. Southern Tree Service offers round the clock emergency tree service for your urgent needs before and after a storm. 

There are a lot of risks involved when a tree falls on your property during a storm. Handling its aftermath can put you in danger and other people in the vicinity. For this reason, we always encourage our clients to call us when they face the wrath of Mother Nature. With our expertise in the field, we can make sure you are safe, and your fallen tree is taken care of.

When our friendly staff member receives your call, we will immediately deploy our team to your location. Your tree, as well as the situation in your property, will be carefully evaluated by our certified arborist. We will look for signs of damage or danger and get rid of them right away for everybody’s safety. 

After the assessment, we will offer an estimate and wait for your approval. When we have finally agreed on the terms and costs, we will start the cleanup process without delay. 

Emergency Tree Service in Columbia SC

Your safety is always our primary concern. When we arrive, our team will identify hazardous elements and remove them before making any move. If there are services beyond our call, we will not hesitate to contact the right party to handle the situation. In case the tree affected power lines, it is best to reach the utility service to turn off the power before we move on with the job. 

 After careful inspection and evaluation, our job commences. We will eliminate the remains of the storm and other tree-related debris from your yard. Large branches and limbs will be removed and transported away. The smaller debris and wood will be fed into a chipper, turning them into wood chips. You can trust us to do our best and work hard until we are done with the undertaking. 

 Our accessible emergency tree removal service is one of the best there is in town. We put your safety first and secure your property all the time. Our team will assist you in the best way we can so you can take care of other important things as you restore peace in your home. When an emergency takes place, you know you can count on us to provide fast and affordable help. 

We are happy to be the first team to respond when disaster strikes. Other responders like medical personnel and firefighters appreciate us for clearing the path before them. No matter when the storm happens, you can depend on us to be there to handle the after effect. 

We will handle your storm clean up jobs with much care and efficiency. However, you can do something to avoid the storm’s effects. Proper maintenance can save your tree and yourself from unnecessary stress brought by storm damage in Columbia, South Carolina.

Allow our certified arborist to inspect your trees before the storm to offer solutions to potential problems early. If you are searching for an “emergency tree service near me,” we are here to help you with fast, reliable, and affordable emergency tree service.

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